This is possible at Smilestones. Whether for adults or children - the modern miniature world shows the most beautiful and famous Swiss destinations such as the Matterhorn, the Bernese Oberland with Interlaken, Stein am Rhein, the Rhine Falls and much more. The modeled landscape with cityscapes, forests, vineyards and castles offers extremely many small scenes and funny details to discover. In addition, countless moving cars and model railways ensure a lot of movement. Indoor and open all year round, this is a perfect addition for a visit to the Rhine Falls.




The journey continues as we are continuously expanding the Miniature World. To be the first to know when the time has come, sign up for our newsletter.



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René Ruedi

Raphael Meyer

Patrik Stutz

Christian Strassgschwandtner

Barbara Baumgartner

Marianne Scheerer

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Social commitment

We also hire employees with disabilities and integrate them into the first job market. We are supported by some local companies in doing so.

Employment agencies for people with disabilities.
Inclusion and integration in the first labour market.
Connect us to employees with disabilities.

People with disabilities are the focal point of "altra schaffhausen".
Helping to create numerous trees.